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Ngong Ping Cable Car


Lantau is the largest island within the Hong Kong area and it is full of attractions for all the family,if its leisure or activity then this is the place to come.There is something in every town,

Mui Wo is the main area for the ferry and bus terminus or Tung Chung for the MTR and buses.Word of warning Lantau island is covered by the drivers permit regulations and you can only drive in the retracted area if you hold a permit.Thats why Lantau is so good not many vehicles in the area. Mui Wo has one of the best beaches in the hole of Hong Kong and along with the beaches at ,Tong Fuk,Pui O and both beaches at Cheung Sha north and south this island can boast the best in beaches.Every beach is cleaned every day they all have facilities like,showers,changing rooms toilets and life guards on duty,plus there is some sort of shopping at each beach.

The towns have something for every one,Tung Chung has large shopping malls with top named stores ,restaurants,cinema and cafes of all description Markets as well as  indoor and outdoor,plus it is the home of the Ngong Ping 360 Cable car.This town is clean and the MTR station along with the bus station are in the center.

monastery History plays a part of Tung Chung with a fort dating back to 1817 and they still have muzzle  cannons on the battlements six in total.Plus you can walk around the fort by the way of the  battlements and there is also a very good museum with some wonderful artifacts of by gone  years.Then there is a battery dating back to 1817 and a kiln was found of which samples were  taken dating it back to 610 to 880AD and it is till there today.

 Then we have Tai O a town (or village as some people call it) on stilts with a river running  through the town.These stilt house have been there for a very long time and is a wonderful  place.Temples, it boast three and they are worth taking a look,not far between each one.There  are lots of store fronted shops selling dried fish and sea food along with gift shops along their  narrow streets.

 Lantau island can boast some beautiful Monasteries and Temples and it has one of the most  visited Monastery in Hong Kong,Po Lin monastery.This is the home not just of one of the  finest monasteries you will ever see but it also has the Tain Tan Buddha,and it is situated at  Ngong Ping. Plus Ngong Ping has a village with some beautiful shops and lots of restaurants and a theater giving shows on Walking With Buddha.This is one peace of history you must not miss,standing 34 meters and weighing 250 tons thats because its made of bronze.Climbing the 268 steps to get to it is as you will see very worth while,the views alone of the surrounding area and the six smaller statues giving offerings .Inside are three halls of treasure,artifacts and a wonderful exhibition of Chinese relics of past years.

There are to ways to get to Ngong Ping by bus or by the Ngong Ping cable car that you can catch at Tung Chung.

Then there is the Wisdom Path an monument to the people of Hong Kong and it is 38 timber columns with a height of 8 to 10 meters.Each column has anWisdom Path"THE HEART SULTA" ,and its less than 15 minute walk from the inscription of the pray  

Buddha.This is also at Ngong Ping so you see with all thats going on it makes a great day out.

Then we have the Lantau Country trails/walks and the Lantau trails of which take you across some outstanding country side with some spectacular views.All the Lantau trails will be listed along with a description in a later article as will the other walks .

Mui Wo can date back to the Southern Song Dynasty of 1270 and silver was mined along the silver river thats why most places in Mui Wo are called Silvermine.This island should not be missed it has everything so for a great day out  come to Lantau and     explore and have a wonderful time.


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